The ERP Package made by SMAB Consultants comes with features to record crops and land, track plant, soil, water, weather analytics, and even track diseases and fertilizers. It will help manage your fields with the world’s best fully open source agriculture ERP software. A complete data driven analytics software which enables farmers to track their crops, assign jobs to workers, deal with cooperatives and let everyone remain on one platform allowing a complete chain of producing crops to the end consumer in a secured platform.


Manages sponsors to commence with a pilot estate then, after a trial period, introduce to farmers the technology and management techniques of the particular crop. 


The key role of agricultural engineers is to improve agricultural production through better engineering methods, inventions, technology to make intellectual farming


Decision support systems for agronomy take a few ­fundamental factors as inputs, some of which are within the control of farmers and many which are outside their control.


Harvest Management ensures the sustainability of plantations in order to maximize the benefits. It deals with  handling, storing, and transporting agricultural commodities after harvest. 


Farmer Accounting System helps in overall better supervision and management of herd. Helps in ascertaining the income and expenditure (economics) of every field of  farming.


It will ensure that high quality seeds of a wide range of varieties and crops are produced and fully available in time and affordable to farmers and other stakeholders.

Agriculture Management System - The Ideal Choice For Agribusinesses

SMAB Consultants is outstanding amongst other ERP Companies  in Michigan located in United States. We has been exceptional in creating a complete unified system integrated to manage all the agricultural ERP needs at one platform.

For over more than 2 years, we are changing lives and organizations with agribusiness the executives programming by empowering them to look after quality, keep a tab on the yield supply, overseeing, and observing all boundaries of development, and keeping an eye on the monetary exchanges to employees, workers for hire, and so forth

Your business doesn’t have the right to be at the danger of blunders and leniency of manual administration. We can give the helping hand to you. We can make your business scalable and profitable. We can give you the best agricultural  programming ERP for your agribusiness.

Multilingual Agriculture ERP Software

Our Agri ERP Product is an multilingual application, and each user can select their preferred language

Manage your Crops

Define the timeline for each activity, then store the materials required and items and by-products produced as a result.

Geo Tag Navigation 

Outline your fields and record the total area of the field. The land will be shown on the map.

Crop Analysis

Analyze the plants or crops in a particular location by recording the collection, testing, and result time.

Soil Analysis

Record soil collection, testing, and result time, then log soil contents with actual, minimum, and maximum values.

Land Acquisition and Preparation

Allows plot registration, farming contract registration, management of land purchases, nursery management, farmer registration, etc.

Crop Management

Includes machinery management, road maintenance in the field, seed supply monitoring, water supply management, plucking calendar, weighment, etc.

Dispatch and Delivery

Handles vehicle management, driver management, vehicle tracking through GPS, quality inspection of product, gross weighing, etc.

Post-delivery Operations

Monitors withering, rolling, grading, processing, pulping of product along with input billing, farmer payment, contractor payment, etc.

Key Highlights of Our Solution

Enjoy a 360° control
Our system lets you have complete control on the crop; keeping track of dates for processes, computing quantities of various inputs, etc.
Improved farmers relationship
Our agriculture management software solutions strengthens your farmer-factory relationship by maintaining transparency in the system.
Integration with ERPs
Our system interfaces with ERP solutions to ensure synergy and efficiency of systems.
Cost optimization
Now spend less and save more. We have developed agriculture management software solutions to optimize all processes to minimize manpower and material inputs.
Cost optimization
Now spend less and save more. We have developed agriculture management software solutions to optimize all processes to minimize manpower and material inputs. Now spend less and save more. We have developed agriculture management software solutions to optimize all processes.

Single ERP Tool for Multiple Industrial Verticals

SMAB Consultants ignite and is the main driving force that thrusts your need to improve your agribusiness as far as efficiency and  productivity is concerned. We offer best-in-industry ranch the board uphold for agribusinesses going from contract farmers, exporters and pack houses, to financial bodies and government organizations.

Crop Management

Crop Management Software is designed to help improve productivity and operational efficiency.

Integrated Platform

An integration platform that allows the development of integrations, strategies and API’s for various systems.

Forecast Profits

It helps the team to generate sales and keep expenditures at reasonable levels so the net result is a profit.

Livestock Tracking

It give ranchers the capability to monitor their livestock,location of their livestock, and better manage pasture utilization

Field Mapping

 Field Maps provide an easy way to manage the logistics of farming, These include crop locations, GPS collected features

Contract Farming

It minimally demands a crop agreement made in advance, and shares the decision making power with the farmer

Produce Traceability

Traceability solutions to improve food safety and consumer trust, mitigate recall costs and impacts.

Work Flow Management

Workflow management is all about optimizing, improving, and automating workflows to increase output and reduce errors. 

Research and Development

A valuable tool for growing and improving your agri business. R&D involves researching your market and your customer needs

A complete resource-planning multi-user software suite for managing multiple farms.


Food Safety

Crop Analytics

Data Driven

See your Farm in Action

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Optimize your Crop Productivity and Plan for the next season

Make a difference to your pasture with our dedicated production days remaining calculator, plus feed on offer, production growth rate, and stocking rate. Just keep inputting records and the rest is done for you.