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Blockchain is the world’s driving programming platform for cutting edge assets reliant on Hyperledger and smart contracts Offering the greatest creation blockchain platform on earth, We are using blockchain development to build a prevalent exposure on Financial industry, Health industry, Retail industry-exchange industry, Insurance industry, Telecom industry and Travel industry.

Blockchain is a transparent and secure technology for storing and transmitting information, which records all transactions between users starting from the time it was created. Its access is shared among these users who verify the validity of transmitted data. Blockchain is highly valued for its ability to make asset transfers (currency, shares, etc.) as well as to automatically execute contracts (smart contracts).

There are two types of blockchains: public blockchains, which are open to everyone, and private blockchains, which can only be used by authorized users.

How do blockchains work?

This technology relies on three principles:

  1. Transparency: everyone can visualize the transactions recorded on a blockchain from the time it was created.
  2. Decentralization: blockchains operate on a network and are therefore not centrally controlled by a single entity.
  3. Security: transactions carried out on blockchains are encrypted, making it impossible to forge data.

For each transaction, the user must enter a key in order to record the transaction data. This data is encrypted and grouped into “blocks”, then submitted for validation by the different network nodes. This step makes it possible to confirm, among others, the identity of the parties and the viability of transactions.