SMAB Consultants is a managed service provider that has been connecting businesses with the right technology for over 5 years. Building a program that relies on 24/7 monitoring coupled with preventative maintenance is at the heart of SMAB Consultants. We are customer centric, having 24×7 managed Support Team with dedicated support line, centralized management with no overlapping issues, and with the best infrastructure management, be it Hosting, Cloud Management, Server Support, or Business Solutions. Each client gets their own IT Manager, access to a team of experts, and high-quality support at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own. We also manage IaaS and SaaS which also includes on premises Network Solutions and Cloud Management


SMAB Support offers complete onsite Support desk with unlimited service, for a fixed monthly fee. We ensure your IT infrastructure is aligned with the business strategy.


We make sure your business and infrastructure go through a proper streamline of work management eliminating the chances of frequent malware and cyber attacks


Manages all your server management with 24×7 Support System citing and fixing all hosting issues ensuring improved deployment of solutions through Cloud Technology


We work with clients to help create a smooth cloud transformation thereby ensuring better in availability that too at an increased transfer speed and increased reliability and flexibility 


We are committed to deliver you maximum return on your business applications investments through a better strategic and infrastructural planning of resources


We help you mitigate the security risks and improve your business uptime by monitoring your infrastructure investments which are scaled to match their operational budget.

Managed Services - The Ideal Choice For your business

SMAB Consultants is outstanding amongst other Managed Service Providers  in Michigan located in United States. We have been exceptional in creating a complete unified system integrated to manage all the services under one roof and  needs at one platform.

For over more than 2 years, we are changing lives and organizations with managing businesses, organization,  the executives by empowering them to look after quality, keep a tab on the proper management, overseeing, and observing all boundaries of development, and keeping an eye on the monetary upliftment to employees,  and so on.

Your business doesn’t have the right to be at the danger of blunders and leniency of manual administration. We can give the helping hand to you. We can make your business scalable and profitable. We can give you the best business ideas for all your infrastructural and IT needs

Digital Workplace Management

Transform through connected experiences, improve productivity and foster a culture of innovation.

System Integration

The MSP service provides customers of all sizes the advantage of predictability.

Strategic Projects

Optimal business performance depends on strategy project build

Procurement and Provisioning

Procurement and Provisioning in technology plays a vital role in your organization

Business and Project Management

Create, manage, and track project teams, project tasks and project documents all at one place within Teams.

Benefits of Managed Services for Multiple Verticals under one roof

SMAB Consultants ignite and is the main driving force that thrusts your need to improve your business as far as efficiency and  productivity is concerned. We offer best-in-industry managed services, along with Cloud Infrastructure, Hosting, for different industrial verticals that help us to broaden the approach

Better Cost Control Management

One of the clear benefits of managed services is that it lowers labor costs and eliminates the cost of hiring and training new IT staff

Improved Risk Control and Management

Common risks exist across different organizations, but with MSPs, we can ensure risks are addressed and mitigated at the right time

Availability, Efficiency, and Productivity

With an MSP, you never need to worry about availability because most MSPs offer 24/7 flexibility, on-call options, and weekend support 

Real Time Data Back up and Security

It’s important to have a dedicated MSP that can protect your backups in case of incidents like cyber and malware attack, data breach, or data theft

Complete IT Support and Maintenance

MSPs help build a perfect platform for the management of multiple projects under one stop  ensuring a better productivity and efficiency

Network Security and Administrtaion

It helps in controlling the flow of data through the information systems and troubleshooting various problems raised by the employees

Scalability and Managed Down Time

One of the benefits of managed services is that rather than sit and wait for something to go wrong, MSPs take a proactive approach to maintenance.

Structured Work Flow Management

MSPs provide critical data that can be used to achieve these goals. MSPs help to create a perfect roadmap to your business thoughts and ideas

Quickly adapt to New Technology

Technological advances drive much of the progress that occurs in business today. With MSPs, we can rely on their skill set as they get trained fast

A complete resource-planning for all your MSP Needs and Custom Infrastructure Management

Virtual Desktop Consulting Services

Move your Local Desktop and applications to the Cloud-based remote workspace with our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution.

Network Management Services

We provide 24/7 support for client infrastructures – servers, storage, network, applications, security and mobility

Help Desk Consulting Services

We make sure to log all incidents and requests and categorize and prioritize them based on the guidelines

Devops Consulting Services and Support

We help operations and development teams, thrive and become more efficient, collaborative, and agile thereby creative an adaptive environment for all

Data Analytics Managementy

We help you discover new insights and define strategies for business growth through data management and analytics

Data Center and Support Management

We provide enterprises with valuable expertise in delivering applications in the most streamlined manner thereby improving consumption efficiency

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